Immerse your senses in the sensual complexities of today’s modern day woman when Clubesque presents L.E.G.S- a 90 minute contemporary cabaret that celebrates three dimensions of a woman.

This immersive production will explore the layers of female sexuality through the eyes of Lisa Denise, Ezama Lo’i, Gissette Valentin, and Sunni Stephens; four modern day women that discover who they were, celebrate who they are, and welcome who they are becoming.

Sunni Stephens (S)

Hers is a love story. People see Sunni as powerful, strong, and in charge…but at the core of every move is Love. She lives for the moment and every thing is seeded in passion. She loves fast and hard and with no regrets. 

She always believed in magic,happy endings, and fairy tales but never thought it would apply to her. Maybe it was due to her culture, her economic status, her values, her personality; but nevertheless, something always stopped those thoughts that developed in her heart from reaching her mind. 

Carefully constructing the pieces in her life puzzle, she rarely let anyone get close to her. To know her for real meant to accept her magic, both white and black. Most people in her world lived and loved completely different than her. She struggled to assimilate, but never quite perfected that skill. 

And then it happened, all her magically happy ever after fairy tale endings was standing before her. Their souls made love to each other before they could even say hello. Their love was strong, instantaneous, and everlasting. At that moment, she knew why her heart song never reached her mind. 

She could not go with it, she had to flow with it. She did everything in her power to protect the pure light that radiated from this man. He was her saint, her savior and that was power. He protected her heart and she protected his life. Every weapon formed to destroy them was used for their good. For their love was protected by power and forces unforeseen in this world. By themselves, they had the strength of this earth. Together, they had the strength of the Gods. 

So together, unbeknownst to even them, they changed the hearts and minds of everyone that entered into their space. Hate could not prevail in love. Anger could not prevail in calmness. Sadness could not prevail in happiness. Their love, their life was contagious. And for the first time in her life, she understood what it felt like to be loved by a man.

Lisa Denise (L)  

Her story is one of freedom. Freedom to be sensual, sexy, and curious without judgement. She came from a childhood where she never quite fit in. She was too black for the whites and too white for the blacks.

Her relationship with her mother was tensed after her parents divorced. She didn’t feel a connection with her mother. She thought her mother used her looks and light colored skin to get ahead and survive in the world.

Once she moved to Atlanta she became a “wild child”. Instead of being embraced by her peers, they judged her and threw religion at her. She was saved by her now ex-husband. That relationship was toxic, abusive, and almost deadly. After a near- death experience with him, she finally got the courage to leave him. They eventually divorced and she had to change their circle of friends because most of them were torn between his charm and her abuse. This is a modern Ike and Tina story.

Now, she is exploring her sexuality and trying to find herself in the meantime. She only “dresses” up when she is working with her cover band. She considers herself a tomboy, but wants to be more sexy. 

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Ezama Loi (E)

Her story is one of being respected, loved, and treated like a lady. She has spent a good part of her adult years trying to tear down the stigma of pole dancing and aerial arts. She is extremely sexual, but in a sensual and soft way. She has often been categorized, however, as hyper sexual. She is aware of her feminine power and energy and just wants to express that without being disrespected and judged. She loves deeply and hard, but because of this “wall” she has built, most people think she is a bitch. She is deeply rooted in her Samoan culture as well as her Southern culture and wants to express all forms of movement.

Gissette Valentin (G)

Her story is one of self acceptance and discovery. She doesn’t know who she “is” and so she assimilates to her surroundings. She is 100% Puerto Rican, but has no real connection to the culture because of family secrets, etc…She is really a lost soul, but something inside her now is pushing her to connect with her Latin roots and be proud of her culture.